Attendance Rewards

100% Attendance

We reward good attendance at Ferham Primary School! 

If you have 100% attendance for a week, a half term or a full term you get a reward! 

100% for a week means you get entered into our 100% attendance prize draw.

100% for a half term gets you a certificate and an attendance sticker.

100% for one full term gets you the bronze award! This includes an enamel badge and a bronze certificate.

100% for two full terms gets you the silver award! This includes an enamel badge, a pencil and a silver certificate. 

100% for all three terms gets you the gold award! This includes an enamel badge, 100% attendance gift pack and a gold certificate.

All children who have 95+% attendance for a term get entered into our Attendance Prize Draw and they can win a brand new bike or scooter!

All of our 95-100% attendance students are entered into a prize drawer to win a bike or a scooter.

This happens at the end of each academic year.

Our first winner was Frantisek in Year 6!

Attendance bike.jpg

As we had another lock down in January, this time the children who engaged the most with home learning and had 95-100% attendance when we returned to school were entered into the draw. 

Our second winner was Jasmina in Year 4!