Attendance Rewards

100% Attendance

We reward good attendance at Ferham Primary School! 

If you have 100% attendance for a week, a month, a half term or a full term you get a reward! 

100% for a week means you get entered into our Food Hamper prize draw.

100% for a month gets you one of our 100% attendance badges, see if you can collect all 11! 

100% for a half term gets you a certificate and an attendance sticker.

100% for one full term gets you the bronze award! This includes an enamel badge and a bronze certificate.

100% for two full terms gets you the silver award! This includes an enamel badge, a pencil and a silver certificate. 

100% for all three terms gets you the gold award! This includes an enamel badge, 100% attendance gift pack and a gold certificate.

All our bronze, silver and gold attendance awards go on display in the hall on the Attendance wall of Merit! 



All of our 95-100% attendance students are entered into a prize drawer to win a bike.

This happens at the end of each academic term.

Our first winner was Frantisek in Year 6!

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