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Ideas for Under 2's

Ideas for 2 - 3 year olds

We follow Success for All's Curiosity Corner in Daycare/FS1

Curiosity Corner provides the structure in which young children thrive. The 36 one-week Curiosity themes introduce children to a wide range of explicitly taught concepts and linked vocabulary. The programme includes short whole-class teaching sessions introducing the theme, maths concepts, rhymes/phonemic awareness, and theme related texts. High quality continuous provision activities enable children to engage in exploratory learning, consolidating and developing skills.

Have a look at the yearly overview and the topic webs below to see which areas of the curriculum we teach and the texts we use.

Curiosity themes.JPG

This is the coverage for the whole year of Success for All. Have a look to see which phonemes, key vocabulary, sentence stems and maths learning we will cover.