As a member of the Ferham's community, we would like to ask you to take a look at and register with the organisation, LetsLocalise. We are working with LetsLocalise to strengthen our links with the local community, local organisations and businesses with a view to bringing in extra help to the school.


At a time when funding for our school is tightly constrained, our work with LetsLocalise has already brought in valuable support.


Before launching their programme, LetsLocalise discovered, that more than 60% of people in the local community would like to help their local state school, but do not know how best to do this. We use our LetsLocalise page on their digital platform to flag up the main areas where we think we could improve our pupils' education with the help of outside support. The support of our parent community is crucial for this and we are also keen to reach out further into the wider community, so - as well as registering yourselves and taking a look at where we need help - it is really important that you urge your wider family, your friends and your business contacts (even the company you work at) to register and get involved too. You can access our LetsLocalise pages on: