Livings Eggs

Here at Ferham we are taking part in the ‘Living Eggs’ programme. On Monday 15th February we had our delivery of eggs in their incubator. We had to regularly check the temperature and ensure that the eggs were kept stationery…….. and then just await their arrival!! This is a two week learning programme primarily for Daycare and Foundation Stage children but all classes will have the opportunity to be a part of this amazing project!

Aims & Objectives Gain or extend an understanding of a Life Cycle Experience caring for and nurturing a living creature Interpret the laws of nature Extend language and observation skills

Learn by experience

Not only do they experience life cycles and growth and development, the programme encourages social interaction and promotes caring and nurturing skills.

Creative Curriculum Science Art & Design/ Design & Technologies Music Display ICT Maths Citizenship Literacy Humanities PSHCE

Thematic Learning Personal, Social & Emotional Development Understanding the World Communications & language Literacy Physical Development Mathematics Expressive Arts & Design

By the time the chicks leave the Living Eggs’ Brooder box to go to their new homes they are approximately 10 days old. They are significantly larger and more robust than when they were hatched and are starting to develop feathers on their wings and tails. Once all the chicks have hatched and the programme has finished all the chickens will be re-homed ethically. They will all go to free range farms and small holdings across the country that rear the chicks in delightful surroundings!

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