Weekly Newsletter 26th June 2017


Attendance figures for week commencing 19th – 23rd June 2017 were:

Foundation 2 – 88.9%

Year 1 – 96.2%

Year 2 – 84.1%

Year 3 – 91.1%

Year 4 – 96.4%

Year 5 – 97.7%

Year 6 – 95.5%

Race for Life

Don’t forget to buy your Tutus and Sunglasses for Race for Life. On sale from the school office.

Tutus £4.50

Sunglasses £2.50


Please ensure you monitor what computer games your child is playing and that they are only playing games that are appropriate for their age.

Always be vigilant and regularly check as to who your children are talking to on social media….not everyone are who they say they are!!


Remember to check your child’s hair on a regular basis for Headlice. If they are infected ensure you treat them immediately, wash all bedding and clothes on a hot wash and wash toys etc as they can live on items for up to 3 days.

Weekly Awards

Attendance Ted – Year 5 Classroom Credits – Year 1 Head teachers Award – Aamina Y1

This weeks 100% attender – Aamina Y1


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