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Year 1/2 Home Learning

Hello everyone, we hope you are all safe and well.

Here are some ideas for some home learning that you could do this week.

  • Practise reading and spelling these words.

Wanted, walked, cried, skipped, jumped, helped, hopped, tried

Can you use the words in a sentence?

For example: The little boy cried because he lost his favourite toy.

Use the work sheet provided with the picture of the girl and the banana. Can you use your imagination to write a few sentences to answer the question – How did the banana grow so huge?

Tens and ones worksheet - 25.05.20
Download PDF • 150KB

How did the banana grow so huge_
Download DOCX • 188KB

Go on a hunt around your home and try and find all different objects that are made of different materials. Can you find some objects that are made from wood, plastic, metal, glass and fabric? Can you sort them into groups with other objects that are made of the same materials? I wonder how much you can remember from the beginning of September. Click the link below to find out more:


Have a look at the sheet attached. The dienes are sorted into tens and ones. Can you work out how many tens and ones there are? Which number is it? Can you draw your own dienes and write how many tens and ones there are in that number?

Can you draw a self-portrait? A self-portrait is a picture or painting of yourself. Use a mirror to help you.

Thank you for the learning you have shared with us. Keep up the great work!

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