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Year 1/2 Home Learning 8th June

Hello everyone, we hope you are all safe and well.

Here are some ideas for some home learning that you could do this week.

wb 08.06.20 - Home Learning
Download DOCX • 78KB

Practise reading and spelling these words.

Hopeful, joyful, careful, helpful, mouthful, painful, powerful, colourful

Can you use the words in a sentence?

For example: She was hopeful that she would get the star of the week award.

Use the work sheet provided with the picture of the pirate stuck on the desert island. Can you use your imagination to write a few sentences to answer the question – How did the pirate get stuck on a deserted island?

How did the pirate get stuck on a desert
Download • 234KB

Have a go at the ‘Floating Egg’ experiment (attached). It’s easy to do with things you will have around your home. Follow the instructions and see what happens. Can you record (write down a few sentences) of what happened to the egg? Did it sink? Or did it float?

Download DOCX • 124KB

Take a look at the rocket race sheet to 100. Can you put in the number that is missing in the box to make 100?

Download • 2.66MB

Can you draw a picture of your favourite season – is it Summer with the sun shining and perhaps people playing on the beach? Is it Spring when all the flowers start to grow and the lambs are born? Is it Autumn when the leaves fall on the ground? Or is it Winter when, if we’re lucky, we get a bit of snow!

Thank you for the learning you have shared with us. Keep up the great work!

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