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Year 3/4 Home Learning 11th May

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Hi Everyone,

 Hope you enjoyed the long weekend. Did any of you do anything to celebrate VE Day? Send me some photos on Classdojo. I'd love to see them.  Here are some ideas for some home learning you could do this week.

 1.  Have a go at this competition, you never know you might win a prize! HISTORY COMPETITION FOR YOUR KIDS! Get your 6-13 YOs to send a postcard from the past...how would different people from history feel about lockdown? Find out how to enter here http://historyextra.com/postcards #pastpostcards History Extra

2. Can you have a go at TT Rockstars. I have sent you your user name and password on Classdojo

3. Remember our targets from our daily write books. Can you write five sentences about what you have been doing this week and include an adjective AND an adverb in each one. For example: Quietly, I went downstairs and ate a delicious bowl of cereal!  

4. Challenge yourself - how many times can you run round your garden in two minutes? Time yourself using your parents phone (ask permission first!) and see if you can beat your time! Maybe you could try to beat other members of your family, who will be the champion!

Take care and stay safe. We miss you!

Love, Miss Todd. Mr Goulding, Miss Southall and Mrs Booth. XXXX

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