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Year 3/4 Home Learning 8th June

Hello Class 3 and 4,

I hope you are all keeping safe and enjoying this time with your families. I hope you treasure it as you will probably always remember this time and the precious extra family time you had together. Here are some ideas for home learning and a little timetable if that helps you. Although if it is better for you to do these things at a different time then that’s fine.

  1. Can you have a go at this times table speed test. Try and beat your score each time. Don’t forget to challenge yourself with harder times tables. https://www.timestables.co.uk/speed-test/

       2.  Remember last week when you looked at the bugs in the garden and designed your own bug? Do some research about real bugs now. Why do worms have a long body? Why are ladybirds bright colours? Why do caterpillars have lots of legs? Why do some insects have antenna? Can you pick your favourite insect and write a short report about them including the facts you have found out? Include an illustration but make sure you label it correctly, use the proper names for all the parts. Remember this is a piece of fact writing not fiction. 

3.    Can you find all the adverbs in the text below?Quickly, I ran into the beautiful garden. The sun was shining brightly. I saw a gorgeous butterfly gently fluttering by. A dog barked loudly in the distance. It was a glorious day!

4. Take some notes on what tech you have in your home, which ones have controls or filters on, and how much time your family is spending on each one for a couple of days. How safe is your technology at home? Have a family discussion on how you all agree to use the internet during this time. Can you make a family agreement of when and how much time you will spend using this technology and check that you are all staying safe online. This website has some really useful tips and suggestions and you can download a family agreement here. If not just write one on a piece of paper. https://www.childnet.com/resources/online-safety-activities-you-can-do-from-home/for-7-11-year-olds-

There is much more exciting home learning on the classdojos, so if you're not signed up then do it!!

We miss you,


Miss Todd, Mr Goulding, Mrs Booth and Miss Southall XXXX

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