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Year 5/ 6 Home Learning 27th April


Make a plan for how your would set out a non chronological report about the heart using the information you have found out. Decide on the information, diagrams and photos that you would like to use.

Think about the headings, subheading, labels and captions that you might use to structure your report.

Alishba - you have made a great start on this. I have shared your picture of the work you have been doing as a good example!


Continue using White Rose Maths Hub for lessons to keep your skills up to date.



I have also signed us up to Sumdog.com and sent out passwords on Dojo. There is a competition in Rotherham. If you play the games you can earn points for yourself, our class and our school. The winners also receive prizes.

I have set some maths and grammar activities for you to have a go at on here and i will be checking in to see how you are doing.

Well Done Darius - your are our champion so far!

Foundation Subject

Check out this art lesson from Oak Academy.


Keep in touch with us on Dojo. We love to hear and see what you have been up to/

Stay Safe

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