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Year 5/6 home learning 13th April


Hi everyone. Keep up with your daily maths learning with the white rose resources online.

Please complete Week 2. Here are the links.




Please carry on with your diary. Just update it once a week or whenever you think

something important needs to be recorded. In the future, this could be useful to

look back on the history of today.

Remember to keep practising the literacy skills you have learned, such as using adjectives in

expanded noun phrases and colons/semi-colons.

Also why not make an acrostic poem and decorate it?

What about finishing this EASTER acrostic? Or you can make your own.

Eggs all delicious and yum!

As much chocolate as you can eat.

Sunshine sparkling in the sky.




Use an online dictionary to find synonyms and antonyms or even just the perfect words.


The year 5/6 spelling words are saved in our drop box. Remember to test yourselves on Friday and us know your score.


Do some geography learning and be creative.

Try making the special geology pudding saved in the Dropbox and find out about rock formation.


Keep in touch

We're still in touch with some of you through dojos. If you've not been in touch yet, please do.

Just send your (parents) email address in, through the website and we will do the rest.

We have loved seeing the pictures of some of your work so far. đź’•

Alishba and Hojin have done some super work last week. We'd like to see more

to keep us smiling while we can't be with you.

Stay safe.

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