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Year 5/6 Home Learning 4th May


Keep Practising those key skills, number bonds, times tables and place value. I have signed us up to TTrockstars so I will be sending out the passwords next week.

Keep up with the White Rose Maths

https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/ - its multiplying 2 digit numbers this week so would be good to remind you what we started last term

https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6/ - you have fractions which I know is something you have been working on.


Write a report about the Circulatory System according to the plan you made last week. Make sure any scientific or technical language is spelt correctly. Use some of the sentence starters below.

When, Have you ever thought, If , Imagine, Even though, Are you aware that, Sometimes, Strangely enough, Often, An important thing, Despite, Would you believe, In addition, In summary, Furthermore, Incredibly, Fortunately, Unfortunately, Surprisingly, Unusually, Amazingly.

You could use ICT or Paper to present your report in an interesting way. Why not cut your paper into the shape of a heart or use pictures, diagrams and illustrations to enhance it.


I am just loving this 100 activity challenge. So far I think I have completed about 10 so I have quite a few to go!


See how many you can do… it’s also great for ideas when you are feeling bored!

Don’t forgot to send us messages and pictures of what you are doing! We are posting a new Home Learning Hero everyday!

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