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Year 5/6 Home Learning 8th June

Hello! Hope everyone is keeping safe and well and keeping up with your reading in books, magazines, newspapers and on Bedrock.

Also keep practicing your Times Tables on the ‘Rock Stars’ and other Maths games websites.

‘Hit the Button’ is another good one for rapid recall of times tables facts. See if you can keep beating your highest score!

A new topic we will be learning about is “Pharaohs”, all about life in Ancient Egypt! This is a really interesting topic that I love teaching and hope you will find it interesting too.

To start off with, here are a few tasks to get you going.

Can you find Egypt on a world map? What continent is it in? How big is it? What languages do they speak? What money do they use? See how many interesting facts you can find and write them down in a Fact File.

The rulers of Ancient Egypt were called the Pharaohs. Can you find out when they lived? (Clue: It was a long, long time ago!)

Can you draw a timeline of when they lived and put on it other historical events, periods and people you have learnt about from the ancient past to the present day?

These could include: Romans, Vikings, Victorians, Tudors, Great Fire of London, The Normans, Ancient Greeks, or anyone else you may have learnt about!

Finally, for this week, can you research who Howard Carter was and what he is famous for?

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