Teaching Staff

Helen Simpson was born in October. She went to Norton Free School and Gleadless Valley Secondary School. Since September 2010 she has been the Headteacher at Ferham Primary School. Her favourite subject is English. She likes reading and spending time with her family.

Written by Frantisek and Viktoria (Year 5)

Keeley Rebeka Platts was born on the 20th February 1988. She is the F2 teacher at Ferham Primary School. She has worked at Ferham for 7 Years. She used to go to Thurcroft Juniors and Wales High School. When Miss Platts was little she liked to sleep With her toy Elephant Nellie and she still sleeps with her today. Her favourite thing about this school is every day is different

Written Mckenzie and Sara  (Year 5)

Mrs Sara Winder

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Natalie Scott was born in November. She is a Year 1 teacher and has worked at Ferham for about 6 years. Her favourite subject is Literacy. She says "It's amazing". Her hobbies are reading and going for long walks. She used to go to a school named Old Hall. What she likes best about our school is working with people from different backgrounds. 

Written by Erik and Alishba (Year 5)

Mr Michael Goulding went to Wath Park Infants School. He is the  year 4 teacher, science and geography coordinator. He has  worked in Ferham school for nearly 27 years.  His  favorite thing about school is that no two days are the same. His hobbies are going to the cinema, reading  and autographs.

Written by Eliza and David (Year 5)

Mrs Jemma Taylor Blackshaw was born on the 28th January 1988. She went to Queen Street Primary School and Swinton Comprehensive school. When she was little she liked reading stories,sewing and making things. Mrs Jemma Taylor Blackshaw is Assistant Headteacher, EYFS leader, Maths leader and a Teacher at Ferham Primary School.Her favourite subject is Maths. She has worked in school for 8 years and what she likes about school is that the children  are super friendly and make everyday fun.

Written by Owais and Pavel (Year 5)

Mrs Ann Bloomer was born on the 23rd January. Her job in school is to teach Y6. she has worked in Ferham Primary School for 3 years. Her favourite subject is everything. Her favourite hobbies are reading, baking and walking.Her favourite thing to do when she was little were reading, playing, singing and music.The school that she went to was Pipworth Road Junior School. Her favourite thing in our school is that everyday is different, so she never gets bored.

Written by Tayyab (Year 5)

Miss Julie Todd works at the teacher in Year 3 at Ferham Primary School. Her favourite  subjects are History and Literacy and her hobbies are going to the cinema,photography and reading. When she was small she liked going out with her friend’s.

Written by Stefania (Year 5)

Alicia Montgomery was born on 23rd October 1993. She went to Roughwood Primary School and Wingfield Academy. Her favourite subjects are Literacy and ICT. She has worked as a Year 2 Teacher at Ferham Primary School for 2 years. She likes children who work hard

Written by Dusan (Year 5) 

Miss Clare Willis was born on the 13 of July and works as a teacher at Ferham primary school on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Wednesday morning’s in year 1. She has worked in Ferham Primary School since September 2009 . Her favourite hobby is to walk! When she was little she liked playing with Barbie dolls and play shops with her sister! Miss Willis went to Rockingham Infant School and Wingfield Comprehensive School. What she likes about students is that they make her smile everyday!

Written by Jennifer and Mustafa (Year 5)

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