Mental Health Matters

Kids Running
Pink Blossom

A Healthy Mind is the Greatest Treasure to Find!

Wild Flowers

The best thing you will ever do, is BELIEVE in yourself!

Book Recommendations 

Getting Outside

Lighter nights and lots of sunshine are on their way and lets get out and enjoy it!

Being outside helps improve mental health massively for both adults and children.

Being Outside helps improve:

  • Your mood

  • Relaxation

  • Physical health

  • Confidence

  • Self-Esteem

  • New Connections with people

  • Our love for the world around us

  • Relationships

Pink Hyacinth Bulbs

Plant some bulbs in the garden.

Build a den in the garden.

Enjoy a walk together

Here is The National Trusts list of 50 things children should do before they are eleven and three quarters.Check out their website for more ideas.

Meet Wallace and Wanda!
Our new school worry monsters.
They are here to help us express our emotions and talk about how we feel. 
Using soft toys can be a great tool to use at home to help children with their mental health.