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Like Inclusion, Equality is very important to us here at Ferham Primary School; it is also set out in law in the Equality Act of 2010.

Click on the button below for more details and to see the protected characteristics list. 

Equality matters to us at Ferham Primary School  because we are committed to preparing our children for adulthood in modern Britain where people and families are different but have the same love within them:

  • around 212,000 children in the UK live in same sex families

  • around 2.9 million children live in lone-parent families

  • around 351 thousand children have a learning disability

  • 11% children are physically disabled.

Here at Ferham we teach the nine protected characteristics explicitly in lessons and in assemblies. We enjoy picture books which feature representative authors and characters.

The people we learn about across our curriculum are specifically chosen to be both representative and inspirational to our children when they learn of their achievements.

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