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Positive Behaviour

Aims and Principles

At Ferham Primary School we wish to provide a learning environment that is safe and secure for the children in our care. All children have the right to an education which offers them the best opportunities to work hard, to make good progress and to be valued as individuals.

We have three key rules which the children must abide by: Ready, Respectful, Safe.


The Governors, staff and pupils work together to create an environment which encourages and reinforces good behaviour and positive attitudes.


We believe that the most effective way of achieving these aims is to encourage and praise positive behaviour. These are the underlying principles we wish to nurture throughout the school:

  • To foster an environment in which everyone feels safe and secure and where each person is treated fairly and feels valued and respected.

  • To ensure that relationships between pupils and teachers are mutually respectful.

  • To develop a Positive Behaviour Policy that is supported and followed by the whole school community based on community cohesion and shared values.

  • To value others and be polite and friendly

  • To respect the culture and beliefs of others

  • To enable effective teaching and learning by creating an interesting and stimulating environment in which children want to participate and learn

  • To respect the school environment and other people’s property

  • To encourage good behaviour by providing a range of rewards for children of all ages and abilities.

  • To promote self-esteem and emotional well-being

  • To resolve behaviour problems in a sensitive and consistent manner

  • To reject all forms of anti-social behaviour, especially bullying

  • To encourage group co-operation and discussion

  • To enable pupils to make the ‘right choices’ in terms of their actions and reactions and to make clear to the children the distinction between minor and more serious misbehaviour and the range of sanctions that will follow.

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