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Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH)

What is SEMH?

Here at Ferham we aim to support our pupils holistically: SEMH support is as important as academic support to us.

We know that in order for our pupils to embody our vision and achieve their full potential, they must have their needs met according to Maslow's  Hierarchy of Need.

Meeting physiological need starts with our free Breakfast Club in our warm and welcoming school.

Safety and security are a strength of our school as we couple stringent safeguarding measures with a warm and caring atmosphere which is  created and enjoyed by all staff and pupils.

Love and belonging is important to us; our curriculum is specifically designed to empower our brilliant pupils.

Self-esteem is developed through our curriculum and celebrations of success and also through our relentlessly positive approach to behaviour management.  

Developing opportunities for self-actualisation is our common goal: our curriculum and our school days are built around nurturing and developing our pupils' self-belief and self-confidence as we support and challenge them to reach their full potential.



SEMH Interventions at Ferham

Because meeting the need is so very important to us, we carefully baseline pupils' SEMH needs using Boxall Profile. Specific SEMH interventions are then planned to meet identified need.


Our SEMH Interventions include Sensory Circuits (alerting, calming and organising activities) , Social Groups, Positive Affirmations and time with our beloved school animals including our fish, Brian the dog and even visiting geckos. 

The impact of our SEMH Interventions is measured using the same assessment and planning tool - Boxall Profile. 

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