We aim to develop a love of books and reading for pleasure.  We recognise and promote the importance of reading throughout school with the aim to enable children to develop and apply different strategies, read and respond to texts, develop understanding and transfer reading skills across the curriculum.


Reading is taught through a variety of approaches.


Class reading (shared and modelled)

Teachers model the reading process to the class where children listen and respond to questions, predictions and discuss vocabulary.  Children are able to share a text from their own or another class.


Guided reading

This takes place in small groups using a colour coded level text which matches the children’s ability whilst providing a challenge.  Guided Reading books are located on the corridors.  Every child in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 will have at least 2 guided reading sessions with an adult per week and in Key Stage 2 they will have at least 1 guided reading session with an adult each week.


Independent Reading

Independent reading is planned for within school and promoted to be continued at home. A Reading Record book is sent home for communication with parents/carers. The class teacher is responsible for ensuring the text children choose to read is appropriate for their ability. These books are located on the appropriate Key Stage corridor.  When a child has read at home 10 times, they are rewarded with a certificate and a visit to the Headteacher’s treasure box.


School Library

We have a school library where children borrow books to take home.


Phonic Sessions

In Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 a daily discreet phonics session  (approximately 15-20 minutes) is taught following Letters and Sounds.  The teaching of phonics continues throughout Key Stage 2 for identified children or groups. 


Reading at home

All children are encouraged to regularly read at home.  They receive a pencil as a prize when they have read at home 10 times.  Every time a child reads at home they add a 'gem' to the class collection.  These are counted each week and added to the whole school 'reading gems' jar.  Once the jar is full, all the children receive a reward or treat (e.g. money to spend on books for the classroom or extra playtime)


Opportunities are provided for children to practise their reading in other subjects.  They are encouraged to read for enjoyment.  Classes have a selection of books, both fiction and non-fiction that appeal to different abilities and interests.

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