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Session Times 

Main gates open at 8.30 and close at 8.38am, in order for children to enjoy a free bagel on the way into class as part of our free breakfast scheme through Magic Breakfast.

Daycare & Foundation Stage 1 

3 & 4 year old session: 8.30am - 11.40am

2 year old session: 12.15pm-3.15pm


All classes F2 - Y6

8.30am - 3.15pm 

Lunch & Break

Foundation stage 2: 11.40pm-12.30pm

Year 1& 2: 11.45am-12.45pm

Year 3 & 4: 12pm-1pm

Year 5 & 6: 12:15pm-1pm

Any children arriving after their session time (when the gates are closed) need to report to the school office to be signed in. 

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