Remaining inset days for this academic year : 21 July 2014


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Newsletter June 2014

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Newsletter June 2014


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Class One went on a trip to Weston Park Museum…

We learnt lots about all the old toys in the museum and we made our own game out of clay. It was a lovely warm day and we had a play in the beautiful park.

Roman Fun!

In Year One we have been learning about the Romans all year. We have made Roman armour and swords and Roman jewellery. We even had a Roman feast. Yum!

Did you know Romans ate real dormice at their feasts? But don’t worry we had chocolate mice instead!


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Class One have been learning about the story The Owl Babies.

 We have done some brilliant writing, collages, paintings and clay models. Here is just some of our beautiful work.

Class Five have been learning about The Titanic.

Here is a selection of our work based on this topic…

Class Five have been learning about paintings of water landscapes.

We created some of our own using pastel and paint.


Newsletter : February 2014

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Newsletter : February 2014

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Dates for your Diary

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