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GINA Maths at Ferham 



GINA (Group for International New Arrival) Maths is a bespoke program designed to support pupils who have recently arrived in the country having had limited access to formal education. The primary goal of GINA is to equip these pupils with the foundational mathematical skills they need in order to access Maths lessons with their peers. We know that the academic, social and linguistic benefits of being in mainstream classes are highlighted by the Bell Foundation and use daily GINA Maths as a springboard into Maths lessons with their peers.   



GINA Maths is specifically tailored for pupils who have never attended school, have been in the country for a short period, or have joined the school system in later years. These children may have missed the opportunity to learn the essential mathematical concepts through hands-on experiences, play, and exploration of concrete resources which are typically introduced in early childhood education. 


GINA Maths consists of a series of "accessing" units which equip our pupils with the necessary skills to transition into their appropriate year groups. These units start from the basics, such as number recognition, and gradually progress to more advanced concepts aligned with the curriculum for Year 6 (the final year of primary school). 


GINA Maths is organised into six-week units, each focusing on specific mathematical concepts and skills. Pupils are assessed at the beginning and end of each unit to measure their progress and identify areas for further reinforcement. 


Hands-on and Visual Learning: a significant portion of the learning in GINA Maths is practical and pictorial. Pupils engage in hands-on activities, manipulate concrete resources and work with visual representations to develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. This approach caters to different learning styles and helps bridge gaps in conceptual understanding. 


Collaborative and Independent Learning: GINA encourages both collaborative and independent learning. Pupils work in pairs to foster peer support, exchange ideas, and learn from each other. They have opportunities to work independently, promoting self-reliance and individual problem-solving skills. 


GINA Maths starts with the most fundamental skill - number recognition – and systematically builds upon them. As children progress through the units, they acquire more advanced mathematical skills, enabling them to access the curriculum of their respective year groups successfully. 



By providing a tailored and supportive learning environment, GINA Maths aims to equip international new arrivals (INA) and pupils who have missed out on early mathematical education with the essential skills they need to thrive in their future academic endeavours. The program's hands-on approach, skill progression, and emphasis on both collaborative and independent learning create a solid foundation for these pupils to catch up and seamlessly reintegrate into the mainstream mathematics curriculum in as short a time as possible.  



Maths Access 



Maths Access


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