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Young Interpreters Scheme  - Hampshire ETMAS

Here at Ferham Primary School, multilingualism is considered a gift to be nurtured and celebrated. We are very proud of our brilliant pupils and staff and the range of languages spoken in school. The Young Interpreters Scheme helps us harness the linguistic ability and compassion of our pupils to support International New Arrival children who join us in all year groups throughout the school year. 

Joining a new school can be quite nerve-wracking and for pupils joining Ferham it is perhaps even more so given the language barrier and lack of previous school experience. Young Interpreters are trained to alleviate these worries, ensuring warm welcome -  often in a familiar tongue – and friendly support. Young Interpreter training includes the use of different strategies to clarify, explain and ‘interpret’ a whole range of school activities, systems and procedures to new entrants through various mediums including shared home language, picture fans and body language.  


It is important to us that all children know that they are welcome and belong at Ferham Primary School. 


You can spot our Young Interpreters on the playground as they wear hi-viz tabards so that new pupils can find them immediately if needed.



Below is the official video from Hampshire ETMAS



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