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About the RACE Charter Mark


Welcome to the RACE Charter Mark. The Schools, Students and Teachers network (SSAT) and Fig Tree International have worked in partnership to develop the Race and Conscious Equality ( RACE) Charter Mark for schools, academies,  colleges and centres, both in the state and private sectors. The Charter Mark is for those institutions that wish to demonstrate their commitment to action and improvement in relation to race equality in all aspects of their work, as educators, employers and community leaders. 


The RACE Charter Mark offers a formal way of championing race equality and confirming to all stakeholders that you are prioritising an inclusive culture where staff, students, parents and partners of all ethnicities are valued. The Charter Mark process results in a dynamic action plan, which works alongside the organisation’s strategic planning documentation and is reviewed regularly to ensure that progress is being made and sustained. 


Developed by leaders who have extensive, direct school leadership experience, the RACE Charter Mark will frame your institution's conversation and actions, moving forward.


'Racism is not an issue which is resolved by inactivity.'

Why a Charter Mark ?

We believe in the power of collective practice.  In the area of race equality, this is crucial. We believe that leaders in schools, academies, colleges and centres need to be ' consciously aware' of what can be subtly happening around them and be ready to take appropriate action. The Evaluative Framework of the RACE Charter Mark is formed to be both practical, challenging and supports effective sustainable practice.  It supports with the evaluative and action-planning process, whilst developing best practice. 


The RACE Charter Mark empowers schools and other organisations to clearly signpost their good and excellent practice in relation to race equality.  This, coupled with a unique opportunity for under-going training, makes this is an excellent, nationally recognised award.

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