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 At Ferham we work relentlessly to support children, especially those who are acknowledged or identified as having a mental health need or a decreased wellbeing. Our pupil and staff approach to mental health is key to the success of our school. We aim to encourage those to speak about mental health and wellbeing regularly in a whole school approach. Pupils are supported in school by all staff when they have concerns or issues.


Mr Tomlinson is our Senior Mental Health Lead in school and supports pupils and staff through a variety of ways. Pupils are supported through our Therapy Suite and in social, emotional and mental health needs by Miss Roebuck. They provide high quality and effective SEMH interventions throughout school aimed at benefitting and boosting pupils self esteem. Mrs Roberts, our Safeguarding Officer, gives important and effective one to one sessions as well as supporting the whole school with mental health first aid.

All staff contribute towards their own mental health & wellbeing through The Mental Health Foundation by joining in with Tea & Talk every week, a Ferham Fuddle every half term and with Curry & Chaat once a year.

Mrs Taylor who is a Youth Mental Health First Aider


Mr Tomlinson who is a Youth Mental Health First Aider, Mental Health First Aider & Senior Mental Health Lead

"Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." — Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh

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Mental Health & Wellbeing Policy

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