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Physical Education at Ferham Primary School 


Our ambition at Ferham Primary School is for all children to receive a cumulative Physical Education curriculum that builds upon learning, allowing pupils learn safe, efficient and intelligent movement. We have several important aims regarding Physical Education: to ensure children reach their full potential; to enable pupils to make decisions about how to live a healthy and active lifestyle; and that our pupils leave the school meeting expected standards while becoming physically literate and having a love for sport.  



The intent of our PE curriculum is to develop the whole child through physical activity and sport. We aim to foster physical literacy, giving children the fundamental movement skills, competence, and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of physical activity. Our PE program (Complete PE) cultivates not just physical skills, but also key values like resilience, determination, teamwork, and fair play. Every lesson focuses on the physical, cognitive, social and wellbeing aspects of sport. 



Our PE curriculum is broad, balanced, and progressive, introducing children to a wide range of sports and physical activities. Children develop gross and fine motor skills, object control, and physical fitness skills through age-appropriate activities and games. PE lessons incorporate opportunities for child-led learning, creative movement, cooperative games, and competitive experiences. 


We use inclusive teaching practices such as equipment choices (ball size), group size and speed of activities to ensure all children can fully participate and experience success. Lessons intentionally develop the personal qualities of resilience and determination by providing appropriate levels of challenge. Cross-curricular links are made to other subjects like History, Maths, and PSHE. 


Our PE program includes: 


12 weeks of 1 hour swimming in KS2 (Year 4) plus newcomers to Y5&6 and extra lessons for children who do not meet the expected standard in Y4 

additional physical activity through active classrooms, playgrounds, clubs, etc. 

range of indoor and outdoor facilities utilised to replicate where sports are played. 

competitions and events 

partnership with community sports clubs/coaches 



Sports are adapted and modified as needed to suit children's varying abilities and needs. This includes adjusting rules, equipment, group sizes, playing areas and other parameters. The focus is on making activities accessible, engaging and positive experiences for every child. 



Through our PE curriculum, children will benefit in many ways: 


develop physical literacy and love of movement 

improve physical, social, emotional, thinking and psychological skills 

understand importance of leading healthy, active lifestyles 

build resilience, determination, confidence and positive attitudes 

experience personal achievements and progress 

engage in cooperative and competitive situations 

develop team skills and positive sporting behaviours 


We ascertain impact using assessment in three forms: assessment for learning; assessment as learning; and assessment of learning.  


In PE, assessment for learning is used to plan next steps and ensure activities match pupils’ current abilities. Assessment as learning empowers children to self-evaluate and set goals. PE is assessed for learning through ongoing observations, skill benchmarks and self-evaluations. In PE, assessment of learning measures progress against curriculum outcomes using a variety of methods including continuous assessment during the lesson and the use of Complete PE’s assessment against the National Curriculum Objectives. 


PE will be lessons across the school will be visited throughout the year to ensure maximum impact PE across school. Pupils will participate in interviews at least once a year to track their long-term memory and transfer of skills. 


Parents are informed of their child’s progress and achievements in relation to PE at parent consultations and within their annual report. 

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